My Elves Are Different

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Watching The Empire Strikes Back on DVD on the weekend, I suddenly realised: Sawyer from Lost is Han Solo.

Now that I've realised it, I can't imagine why it never occurred to me before.

Exactly the same character, just played by a different actor.

That set me wondering: if Sawyer is Han, then who is Chewbacca?


Jeremy said...


John Klima said...

Damn! Tolbert beat me to it!

To continue your line of thought, does that mean:

Jack = Luke
Kate = Leia
Ben = Darth?
Locke = Obi Wan
Sayid = Lando
Desmond = Yoda

Man, you could go on for hours with this. Someone should write this up as a mock-serious piece.

RobB said...

Abrams/Lindeloff/Cuse et al and the writers are admitted fanboys of Star Wars.

JFargo said...

I would have to say Hurley, definitely.