My Elves Are Different

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

I had to take the long route into work because there was a police road block across Bundock Street before the turn off to the cemetery.
This sounds crazy, but there are reports all over the place about zombies.
Discorobot thinks it's a movie stunt, but there are reports coming out of Asia now - from the Philippines and Korea, that a real life zombie uprising is happening.
I'm not making this up.
There are no reports so far from more authoritarian regimes in the Asia region, but I think something's happening in Australia, too.
Update: we've just heard that a state of emergency has been declared in Australia. If you're at home, or at work, stay where you are and monitor the news. The report says that if you have children at school, don't try to collect them - they're safe where they are.


Lee said...

This is a send up right?

Paul Jessup said...

Oh noes!