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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

BLITEOTW LiveJournal Community

Chaotic Asylum has set up a LiveJournal community for Blog Like It's The End of The World news.

What this community is not for:
  • An RPG. For that, look to blog_ofthedead or zombie_uprising, to name the two currently known.
  • a place to continue posting about this year's end... see above.
  • a zombie appreciation blog - we like zombies fine, but I'm sure there's better places for "ZOmbies rock!"
  • a place to complain about people posting about zombies.
What this community is for:
  • Anyone wanting up to date info on BLITEOTW 2008.
  • sharing your 2007 posts
  • sharing experiences - what you liked, what you didn't like, etc.
  • giving kudos to others whose posts you enjoyed.
  • Sharing BLITEOTW Banners, icons, art, what have you.
  • planning for 2008 - maybe you want to network, get to know people in your area - share survival tips - no one knows what next years disaster might be. Be Prepared!
  • IC posts actually *on* BLITEOTW day, 2008 and beyond.


Joe Sherry said...

Great idea! I've joined the community (I have a LJ now, too, which will have a different focus than the Blogger...and probably far fewer posts)

Geoff said...

Sweet; joined. Now I can stay up to date for next year.

Hope you enjoyed my posts the day of. I even had a fellow poster comment "You SO win the prize"... I'm still waiting to know what prize he meant. *chuckle* Maybe he liked the pictures I posted. ;-)