My Elves Are Different

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

This is for real. A zombie uprising is taking place around the world. The latest I've heard is something strange happening in Kuwait - the Emir of Kuwait has made a public appeal on the matter.
The army has been mobilised here in Townsville ... our own troops from Lavarack Barracks and visiting US naval forces have been fighting all day in suburbs around the Belgian Gardens Cemetery, and around the hospital. There's a lot of smoke coming from those directions.
I'm still at work - most of my workmates have tried to go home, but because my flat is so close to the cemetery, I think I'm better off holing up here.
I've tried to call my family, but can't get through. They say that in an emergency, use text messages - they'll wait in the "ether" and slip through when they get a chance. Here's hoping.
I'll keep blogging from work - we have a generator and a fully stocked cafe, so I should be alright if the situation gets worse.
Update: this could be spreading in the USA.


Richard Crawford said...

Please. All we're seeing in the US is a couple of emergent diseases, one human and one crop. Granted, it's kind of scary, but zombies? Pfah.

I congratulate you on your participation in marketing Peter Jackson's new zombie movie, though. That's all I can figure you're doing.

Dawn said...

Ohmigod. I'm so glad I clicked here when I was trying to figure out what I saw going on today. It was... well... it's all in my blog. I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight o.o

the Barrow-Wight said...

Don't listen to that Crawford. I'm holed up here in Western Pennsylvania - we've since this sort of thing before. It was a smaller scale back in the sixties when Romero showed us what was up. I think that makes us more prepared, but it might also make us more susceptible too. The chowder heads are everywhere here. It's only a matter of time before people like Crawford either wake fighting for their lives or become food. Either way I don't give a crap. I'll be here come the end of the end times. You just wait and see. Emergent disease my ass.

Kimberley said...

So thisd is the reason 77 was backed up for 9 hours today? Son of a B!