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Saturday, 26 May 2007


  • Blog Like It's the End of the World (BLITEOTW) will take place on 13 June. That's not any particular notable day or anniversary, except for the unlucky number.
  • The idea is that your posting for that day is written as if a zombie uprising were taking place - around the world, and in your home town.
  • You blog about how it's effecting you, what you might witness, rumours or news that you hear, and so on.
  • Because it's taking place worldwide almost simultaneously, it's obviously a Romero-style zombiegeddon, where all the recently dead rise up, and are able to infect the living. (As opposed to a 28 Days Later-style plague).
  • If you'd like to participate, let me know in the comments and I'll post a link on this page. Otherwise on the day you can check technorati for posts tagged 'zombies'. Oh, that reminds me: tag or label your blog posts 'zombies' so people can find them.
  • It's a collaborative event, so the more you comment on other people's posts, link to them from your blog, spread rumours and riff on ideas, the better!

Participant Blogs

  1. Accerbus Caelum
  2. Adventures in Reading
  3. Adventures of a Freelance Murray Slaughter
  4. AllyBlue's Blog
  5. Almond Tiger
  6. Alphafem
  7. annlarimer
  8. Anybody Could Have Done It
  9. Arana Suteshi
  10. Arthur's Journal
  11. Ask The Little Bald Bastard
  12. barelyproper
  13. Bastard's Notebook
  14. BBT Magazine
  15. Bibliophile Stalker
  16. Bigger Boat
  17. Binary Hero
  18. Blog of Alan
  19. A Blogwork Orange
  20. Blue Moon Rising
  21. A Brand New Boom
  22. Brendalu
  23. Brown Bag
  24. But Wouldn't It Be Cool?
  25. Caligari's Cabinet
  26. A Cat By Any Other Name
  27. The Cat Condo
  28. Cavalaxis
  29. Chaobell
  30. Cinerati
  31. Civin
  32. Confessions of an IT Hitman
  33. Corvidae9
  34. Crys Odenkirk
  35. D1sc0r0b0t
  36. Danii De Brabant
  37. Daremaster Spoodle's Blog!
  38. Darkspectre
  39. Dawn
  40. derylykt
  41. Deza
  42. Dragon My Tale
  43. edelweiss68
  44. Elf Fu
  45. Elton!
  46. Erik's Saga
  47. The Evil Eyebrow
  48. Fearsclave
  49. Feedback
  50. Flarecarrot
  51. Flea the Magician
  52. Free Fall
  53. From the Lack of Sleep and the Bloodshot Eyes
  54. Fudged
  55. A Geek In Korea
  56. Geekerati
  57. A Good Hard Kick In The Shins
  58. Grubb Street
  59. The Guhrilla Chronicles
  60. Harmonix
  61. A Hazardous Occupation
  62. Hisui Shinigami
  63. The Hopeless Romantic
  64. And I Don't Know Why It Is They Scare Me, But They Do
  65. In the AM
  66. Jarography
  67. jcrow
  68. The Jersey Exile
  69. Jim000037
  70. Jon 787
  71. Journey of a Kitten
  72. jwright-71673
  73. l_prieto's Journal
  74. Lee Carlon
  75. Loupyone
  76. Lucent Victrola
  77. Maeritrae
  78. Mateo Shiruda
  79. Mattmoss
  80. Mau Brown Cow
  81. Midnight Highways
  82. Midnight Orchid's Domain
  83. Mikelo!
  84. Miss Nikki, Fighter of Boys
  85. missporkchops
  86. mlleelizabeth
  87. The MojoWire
  88. Moonrose
  89. Moosifer Jones' Grouch
  90. Moshez
  91. Mumbler's Corner
  92. The Musings of a Wolf
  93. My Elves Are Different
  94. My Things Of The World
  95. Neth Space,
  96. Neverscapes
  97. Noelle's Journal
  98. The Official Production Diary for Kimyoo Films
  99. Oui Je Danse
  100. Out of Lascaux
  101. Paul's Occasional Rambling
  102. Pink Raygun
  103. Pith Helmet
  104. RainShadow
  105. Ramblings In Space And Time
  106. RavensBarrow
  107. Reverend S
  108. Richard S. Crawford's World
  109. Rob's Blog O'Stuff
  110. Rowandoll
  111. Rufinia
  112. Sacred Flame and Holy Well
  113. Sailor Scully
  114. Schizo-Frenzy
  115. Sci-Fi Fodder
  116. Sean Williams
  117. SF Diplomat
  118. SF Signal
  119. A Slight Apocalypse
  120. Something Other
  121. songwind
  122. Stesham CCUE
  123. Stone Tablets
  124. Subtle Bluntness
  125. Swapping Tales
  126. Tecnofantasia
  127. Teh Awful
  128. Tequila Powered Robot Bird
  129. Theatrical Milestones
  130. This is a Tricky Grey Area
  131. Thoughts, Rants and Subliminal Suggestions
  132. Tokyo-18
  133. Trampolinez Are Fun
  134. Transmissions from Wintermute
  135. Twitch
  136. Unsaintly
  137. Urban Drift
  138. wanttobeatree
  139. Welcome to Craiglockhart
  140. Wes Wilson
  141. Writergrrl88
  142. Wyera
  143. Youth Culture
  144. Zombie
  145. Zombie Reporting Centre
  146. oddorable
  147. pixiemarie
  148. cannellfan
  149. timrehix
  150. xelsox
  151. ladymissdiva
  152. crimson-musing
  153. waysmeanstonola
  154. tatternym
  155. strix-an-stones


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fuzzytale said...

Didn't chime in here yesterday, but did do my zombie post here in case you're collecting links:

Thanks for an entertaining idea and I'll be looking forward to next year.

Polo Bumbleroot said...

I decided to go from the point of view of patient zero... oh, and I'm a a hobbit.

Ravenscar said...

I'm in. Just popping in here late.

Daniel said...

Loved this though I am late...
Gotta make sure that us reservists voices are heard, while there is someone to hear them.

Dhomochevsky Static said...

A little late, but here's my effort. Hope someone out there likes it:

Chelsea said...

Mine is late and lame.

Kimberly said...

Had I but known! I so would have participated! Will you be doing this again? Perhaps in October, or something?

Anonymous said...

Digital Video Girl

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact, 13th June is St. Anthony of Padova's feast day, and he happens to be a particularly popular saint -- unfortunately, he has nothing to do with zombies at all. I guess no one would know about it in the US, though, would they?

Neo said...

Posting my link a bit late, but I participated as well. : ) My friend also collaborated a bit and we had some entries corresponding by the end of the night.

My posts:


Chris said...

In a skosh late, but:

Anonymous said...

Another late-to-the-game player, but I'm in:

Chip Dobbs said...

Count me in.

Raven said...

I'm in, if a bit late.

Anonymous said...

I've got a few posts in there :)

Anonymous said...

late, but still:

Andy said...

So I almost didn't see this until late yesterday afternoon, and I didn't really have time to participate but for one post. I got to read a lot of the entries and it was awesome.

But it was only one day - and that just wasn't enough zombie fun for me! :)

Taking the idea...and running a bit farther with it.

thegiantkiller said...

Didn't find out until after the fact, but I'm in too.

Ursula said...

I found out about this late last night - count me in! (I mean, braaaaiiinssss.) - An Insomniac's Garden in the Shade

Vytautas said...

Baby needs a new pair of sweet, delicious, spicy brains!

Anonymous said...

Aaron said...

So down. Kudos to whoever had this great idea!

tracy said...

doiasku said... oh wow, I must've known something. It's a bit like deja-vue.

Mary said...

Oh, I am so sad I didn't hear about this until it was over!

Bill Albertson said...

I believe this comment reflects an early growing zombie threat.

No chickens were hurt in the writing of this post, but we had a nice barbeque afterwards.

Yanira said...

They already took down SF....

PD said...

I thought this was just a joke, until I went outside this morning.....

Walter said...

I AM SO SAD that I just found out about this today.

Any plans to do it again next year?

Jason said...

I'm two days late but here's my entry:

Marla said...

There's my post - I had such fun writing it! My friends seem to be clueless, tho, mostly - at least brigid was in on it! I so wish I'd done the hourly thing like britpoptarts, can't wait to go read that one!

Eric said...

I'm a little late to the game, but here's my contribution:

The Day After the End of the World

Awesome fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit late in notifying, but at least my post was on the right day?

Anonymous said...

Glad I found this, even if I was a little late. I was worried I was the only one left.

Magdalena Down said...

I found out about this late, but it's never too late to find out about zombies.

Anonymous said...

I'm in, better late than never!

Mckenna said...

i participated.
i'm late in alerting, but i made it in on the 13th.

Mckenna said...

that being said, my lj is

Karen said...

A little late in representing, but I posted back on zombie day at

Luís Filipe Silva said...

Hi. Just to let you know that the "Tecnofantasia" link is incorrect: it should be:

or its English sidekick:


j2 said...

Thanks to all the zombies who found my brains delicious.

my BLITEOTW post

Thanks again,
Monster Alien Robot Zombie And Radioactive Enzyme Osmosis

Crystal said...

I'm in!

Anonymous said...

I'm in too!

Anonymous said...

apparently, I can't read dates.

*facepalm* sorry.

Anonymous said...

i'm in! lisslar@livejournal

Zombie Squad said...

We are in.

sasuke-ko said...

LMFAO. Totally doing this...

Chris Rachael Oseland said...


I can't wait!

Steve said...

FOR NEWS ABOUT BLITEOTW 2008, see here ( and here (

lingou said...

Sounds like a party! :D I'm in.

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