My Elves Are Different

Monday, 12 February 2007

A remake of the original strip - I uploaded it over at Web Comics Nation.

I like the jaunty exclamation mark over TBHG.

You may also have noticed that 'Sideburns' has a name now: Cholmondely (pronounced 'Chumley').

Update: resized to fit smaller browser windows ... click to enlarge if you need to.

Update 2: re-uploaded via blogger.


Steve said...

Hmm ... obviously that picture's a bit big for some browser windows, so the end gets cut off ...

StarDragon the Canadian said...

pronounced 'Chumley'
This is one of the sillier affectations to afflict the English people.
Clearly the preferred spelling would be "Chamleighor"or "Cholmondeley"-dash it all!